Benjamin Barr Lindsey to Jane Addams, May 6, 1907


Denver, Colorado, May 6th, 1907.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:--

I have just had a talk with Mrs. Frederic W. Schoff, President of the Mothers' Congress, and she is very anxious to have one of the Judges in Philadelphia, who she tells me is doing splendid work, made one of the directors, since Philadelphia, being the third city in the Union, only has one representative.

It has also been strongly urged upon me that upon the Board of Directors should be Robert Wilkin of Brooklyn, Judge Stubbs of Indianpolis, Miss Sophie Wright of New Orleans, Judge McEwen of Kansas City, Judge Heisler of Baltimore, Judge Wilbur of Los Angeles, and Crawford Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia.

Since this Board is largely a sort of an honorary affair, and since the act of the Committee was merely recommendation that the Board be 15 or 21, in order to harmonize the wishes of various sections, I wish you would write me at once if in your judgement there would be any objection to increasing the list of directors in number to include these names. I feel certain that we would give more general satisfaction to the various sections and influences if this could be done.

I spoke to Mr. Thursten about this, just before I left, although when I returned to Denver I found some other suggestions, including the names I have mentioned. If you think we can meet these suggestions in the way outlined I should be glad to hear from you, as soon as possible. In my talk with Mr. Thurston before I left, he saw no objection to it, as I understood him.

Sincerely Yours,