Thurston, Henry Winifred (1861-1946)

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Cassandra Migel

I was so pleased to find reference to Henry W. Thurston and his work. He was my great grandfather. I would love any other info you have. At one point I had a copy of his book The Dependant Child.  Not sure I do anymore, sadly. 

Susan Surkamp Anderson

I am the great granddaughter of Henry Winifred Thurston as well and I so appreciate this beautiful obituary and research. My grandma Charlotte Skinner Thurston Surkamp was divorced and became Charlotte Thurston Browne, buried in Arlington National Cemetary with her second husband Col. John Vincent Browne. Thank you again.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi Cassandra, Sorry for the delay in responding and so glad you found us! We are still working on Henry Thurston's bio and will let you know when a final version is posted. Would you happen to have a photograph of him that we could include?

Cassandra Migel

Cathy - I have found of photo of Dr. Thurston - deep in the archives of my late mother's home.  Please let me know the best way to send it to you.  I have taken a picture of it on my phone.  I have no idea if the bio is complete - I can't even remember when we last corresponded.  I also found copies of 3 of his books, including an edition printed in Japanese of The Delinquent Child!     Cass Migel

Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi Cassandra, wow, that is wonderful! You can e-mail a digital copy of the photograph to at and I will upload it to the biography.

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