Ellen Martin Henrotin to Jane Addams, February 10, 1908

251 Goethe Street,
Chicago, Ill. 


My dear Miss Addams,

I was present at the meeting on Sunday at Federation Hall which was one of the most prearranged meetings I ever attended. The reporters were there ready for "a story" and it seemed to me that the only thing possible was to get it over as soon as possible without discussion. I wrote to Mrs Robins on my return and [enclose] a copy of the letter. I shall stand aside for a while and await developments. I am, yours faithfully

Ellen M. Henrotin

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Copy of part of letter relating to meeting --

"I did not speak for or against the question of changing the place of meeting this afternoon for several reporters were present eager for a story and [it] seemed wise to me to have as little discussion as possible and come to a vote.

As one connected from the first with the organization of the Womens Trade Union League I must say that I consider the tone of the discussion ↑this afternoon↓ most unfortunate. Mrs Brown and Mrs [illegible] were specially unfortunate in their speeches for the motion; they are both strangers in the League and no judge of the conditions. Then [page 2] I did not think, dear Madam President, that the rights of the minority are best protected when the presiding officer makes a speech in favor of the motion: as far as the question of moving to the center of the city is concerned it was dismissed while Miss McDowell was president and it is certainly worth trying -- my regret is that the discussion took a turn which seemed to reflect on the generous hospitality which are both in [and] from Hull House & the members of the Hull House Womans Club, many of whose husbands I have no doubt are staunch union men, etc.

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