Maude Slade Odell to Jane Addams, November 1921




National Office

125 East 37th Street, New York

↑732-17th Street
Washington, D.C.↓

My dear Miss Addams,

I am terribly sorry about Mrs. [Mathes]. But we could not get the Grace Dodge Hotel for the earlier date, and this seemed the only desirable place available for our conference. There is a very attractive hall there for our meetings, which we can reserve for twenty-five dollars, and the hotel will send a dollar luncheon -- or an afternoon tea for Miss Balch -- whichever it seems advisable to have.

Rooms ranging from two to four dollars a day can be reserved at the hotel for over the conference. The Consumer's League is having its convention there this week and it is coming to be known as the place for women's organizations to gather. It is new & very attractive. Of course, Miss Addams, we are obliged to consider the [page 2] expense of anything we undertake at present in this infancy of our office. We have only two hundred dollars in the treasury to start with, with the printing of our bulletin just about to go out to be paid for -- and the moving office expenses, Miss Switzer's salary [etc.]. Of course we expect to raise money, but it will take us a little time to do this and to learn the many details of our new job. We had thought of incorporating a summary of the Austro-Hungarian letter in our bulletin, which will be in the nature of a [newsletter], but if you prefer, we will enclose the letter itself. Yesterday's meeting of the women's organizations in this Council for Limitation was very informing. We were represented with our cablegrams which came to Miss Balch, & I have just come today from a deputation to the President (six of us) to present them. Please forgive this hurried letter. It is written at the end of a hectic day.

Sincerely Yours

Maude Odell.

Mrs. La Follette is back -- enthusiastic over her trip, & over our new office.