Nicolaas Philip Tendeloo to Jane Addams, February 15, 1920


Leiden -- Oegstgeest 15.II.1920.

Dear Miss Addams:

Since the starvation in the "Central" Countries, after some amelioration of the feeding, is increasing again most horribly, I fear more horribly than ever before, I consider it my duty to tell you so.

In many towns, in Düsseldorf, Oberhausen Sterkrade, Hamburg etc. etc. there is a considerable want of milk, potatoes, fat, sugar. Many days it was, for instance in Oberhausen, wholly impossible to distribute milk for the babies! And Germany has still to deliver many thousands of its best milk cows, producing at least 10 Liter daily! In some places there are no potatoes at all, no rice, no sago etc. In Berlin in January 1920 double the number of sucklings of died, compared with January 1919!

Everywhere there is want of food, of linen, yarn, under-clothing etc.

America has done already much. But this immense misery urges to ask more, much more. Is it possible for civilized men to support it?

The central countries want also credit and raw materials for their industries! [page 2]

What Europe does for them, is wholly insufficient. Let America help them! And help them soon!

Yours truly

N. M. Tendeloo.

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