Allen Bartlitt Pond to Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, August 13, 1917

Hull House
August 13th, 1917.
Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund,
315 Plymouth Ct.,
Chicago, Ill.


At the time of the permission by Hull House Trustees to the Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund to use the roof of the Mary Crane Nursery building for school purposes and to erect thereon a structure for use in such connection, the Trustees authorized the entering into contract with the McCormick Memorial Fund on the following basis: Lease of premises $1.00 per annum; the McCormick Fund to erect and maintain whatever structures are needed for its purpose at its own charges; electric light to be furnished substantially at cost; heating of water, if any, substantially at cost. The use of water has been, on the whole, insignificant and Hull House has not made any attempt to make any charge for pumping cold water or for heating and pumping hot water.

The electric light has been furnished at the rate of 1/2¢ per lamp hour. We are proposing to change the basis to 5¢ per kilowatt hour, which is the basis on which electric current is furnished to the Mary Crane Nursery and the Jane Club.

With regard to the Boys' Club, the situation is somewhat different inasmuch as the McCormick Fund is occupying not only the roof and its own structure erected thereon, but a portion of the fourth story and is using heavily of hot water and is requiring in the winter time a considerable amount of heat. We are accordingly submitting to you a new schedule covering our understanding of the obligations in connection with both buildings: [page 2]

Mary Crane Nursery building, rental $1.00 per annum; electric current for light, 5¢ per kilowatt hour; elevator service to be obtained by arrangement with Mary Crane Nursery. No charge made for hot and cold water.

With regard to the bridge over the alley, at the expiration of ten years from date of its erection we shall probably be compelled by the city to obtain a new permit and pay new license fee of $1.00 a year and furnish a new bond. These costs, whatever they may be, will be charged to the McCormick Fund. We are also noting the fact that you are <to> maintain your own insurance on structure and equipment erected by or for you and to keep in repair roofs used by you or under any structures erected by you, to make all necessary repairs of structures and equipment installed by or for you to the end that they may be safe, so far as concerns occupancy, and that plumbing and lighting fixtures may be kept in proper condition. We are further asking that you should maintain whatever liability and compensation insurance is wise to protect Hull House and yourself against claim of damage to [employees] or any other person growing out of your use of or activities in connection with the premises.

In the case of the Boys' Club building, the rental stays the same as heretofore, i.e., $20.00 per month for space in the 4th story and on the roof; the heat to be re-estimated at 40¢ per sq. ft. of installed radiation for a season of seven [months]: electric light 5¢ per kilowatt hour; no charge for pumping cold water; hot water to be charged for on the basis of 27 1/2¢ for 1,000 gallons on an assumed total quantity of 60,000 gallons per annum. Our estimate of 5,000 gallons a month is frankly our best guess.

In the case of the Mary Crane building a meter is installed [page 3] on the hot water flow pipe and a meter on the hot water return and the difference in the readings of the meters is charged to the Mary Crane building. If you are not willing to accept our best guess as to quantity of hot water used by you, you may install, under our supervision, meters in corresponding fashion, -- one on hot water flow pipe, one on hot water return pipe and pay on the basis of meter readings as above.

Gas for cooking to be metered as heretofore and [recharged] at cost.

Provisions with regard to liability insurance, etc. are the same as in connection with the Mary Crane building roof.

Trusting that this will be satisfactory to you, I am,

Yours truly,

Allen B Pond [signed]
Secy of HH Assn

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