Alice Thacher Post to Grace Abbott, November 24, 1916

2513 Twelfth Street, Washington.
November 24, 1916.

My dear Miss Abbott:

I have your letter of the 20th, and your telegrams of November 18, [19?], 22 and 23.

The White Parlor of the New Ebbitt, holding 200, has been engaged for Sunday evening, Monday morning and Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. If a number of our people stop there there will be no charge. If not, there will be a charge not to exceed $10.00, not counting Tuesday morning; but I am not anticipating any charge.

Mrs. MacKaye, Miss Lathrop and I agree that it will not be best to have the large meeting at Rauscher's Sunday night, in view of the fact that we can have the dinner Monday night. We are afraid that two mass meetings in one day, appealing to much the same clientage, would not be successful. We are greatly relieved that this is not to be tried.

[Everyone] here is of opinion that the dinner is a very good thing. It will make a good climax for the Peace Party women to stay for, and the local women will be likely to be able to get out their friends.

We can have dining room <of New Ebbitt> any time after six. I advise seven o'clock for the hour and so does Mrs. Odell. The dining room will accommodate 350 guests; it has accommodated 368. I have engaged for the dinner but not decided hour or price. We can have a dinner for $1.25 of Tomato Bouillon, etc., Filet of Sole, etc., Roast Chicken, Sweet potatoes, Peas, Lettuce Salad, Neapolitan [Ice cream], Cake and Coffee. The above can be furnished for a dollar if sole is omitted and mutton substituted for chicken. I advise the first, however, not that we need the extra course, but because the mutton might not be so satisfactory.

Mrs. MacKaye has entered with enthusiasm upon the publicity work of both meetings and has written to you and to Mrs. Mead.

Would you like programs addressed to prominent people here, and how many? Would [written in left margin] <you like to send dinner invitations to any prominent persons to come as guests? Copies of this will go to Miss Breckinridge & Miss Addams.>