Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Ray W. Gifford, March 23, 1916


March 23rd, 1916.

My dear Mr. Gifford:

I am sending you under separate cover material in reference to the Woman's Peace Party which will, I believe, give you the information you desire. I would call special attention to our Congressional Program and Constitution adopted in January at the first Annual Meeting of the Party, and also to Miss Jane Addams' recent Hearing before the House Committee on Military Affairs, which states our position very clearly. I should be glad to send you a copy of the Official Report of the International Congress of Women at The Hague, if you care to have me do so. The cost of this publication is fifty cents. I am including a pamphlet on "Continuous Mediation without Armistice." This embodies the plan for a neutral conference, which the Woman's Peace Party urged so vigorously last year that the President adopt.

Just at present we are especially interested in the question of the introduction of military drill into the high schools of Chicago and are circulating Resolutions throughout the city in reference to the question. I am enclosing a copy of these Resolutions. I am also enclosing in the package of material various publications in reference to military training in the schools which we are sending out very freely throughout the middle west. The question is one of immediate interest in many communities, and we are doing what we can to prevent the introduction of military drill into the public school system.

I am enclosing a letter which has recently been sent out from this office in reference to debate material. Perhaps you may be interested in this. Our debate package contains, I believe, just the material needed in working up the negative side of the debate on "Preparedness."

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Mr. Ray Gifford,
Westerville, Ohio.