Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Jane Addams, August 2, 1916


August 2nd, 1916.

My dear Miss Addams:

I have just received your telegram and am sending Miss Balch at once a copy of the Official Report and all the [stationery] that we have, namely, about thirty-five sheets of the paper. I am writing her that we have no envelopes left for this paper, but that it seems best to send her the paper without the envelopes trusting to her to order the envelopes in Boston, and send the bill to us, rather than to hold the paper back until I can get envelopes to match here in Chicago. This would probably delay the matter for two or three days. I hope this will be satisfactory.

Mrs. Thomas is now in Indiana University and will be in Ann Arbor next week.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Jane Addams,
Bar Harbor, Maine.