Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, March 14, 1916


My dear Marcet

I was very glad to have your letter yesterday morning and the [enclosures]. I liked the speech very much and I am much rejoiced over the play ground with the enlarged life it brings to Radley. Please don't imagine that I ever object to our relationship being announced, on the contrary I am always pleased and proud.

I am glad that you have moved [page 2] forward the date of the wedding day, and June fifth will endear it to all of us. Of course it will be at Cedarville for your grandmother couldn't attend it anywhere else.

Please let me know the date of your April visit at Cedarville. I am going out very soon and if we do not strike the same time, I should be disappointed [although] expecting to see you in Chicago. If Mary Fry is with you, please give her my love and believe me always yours devotedly J. A.


Stanley's little daughter Myra Jane was here yesterday -- we now have 6 girls & 2 boys in the youngest generation in the family.

March 14" 1916