Pyotr Kropotkin to Jane Addams, March 14, 1901



March 14, 1901.

Dear Miss Addams

My friend Mr. Ely has shown me all your last letters and has transmitted me your most kind invitations. Permit me to thank you most heartily and warmly for all the trouble you take and all your great kindness. Without daring [page 2] the pleasure of knowing you personally I know you already very much from [the] friends and comrades and will be delighted to make your personal acquaintance.

Your suggestion about the Arts & Crafts is excellent. I have just had [some] work done in that direction respecting England [page 3] Wednesday 10th is very good.

Ely advises me to leave New York on Saturday night the 6th so as to be in Chicago the 7th. Then Tuesday 9th at the Twentieth Century Club, Wednesday 10th Arts & Crafts Saturday 13th Urbana University Sunday 14th lecture organized by the comrades on Anarchism, and then permit me to suggest Tuesday 16th at Hull House. If there were [page 4] a lecture at the Un. of Chicago, it might be on Wednesday the 17th; but by all means, I should so very much like to have a lecture at Hull House, as you suggested first.

Believe me, dear Miss Addams

Yours very sincerely

P. Kropotkin

If you write to our dear good friends, Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson tell them I am right, lecturing a great deal here, a little tired, but will take 3 days rest between Boston & N.Y.

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