Jenkin Lloyd Jones to Jane Addams, October 25, 1902


October 23, 1902.

Miss Jane Addams,

Dear Miss Addams:-

I am going to send you two books which represent rather a departure on the part of the American Unitarian Association.  Of course I would like very much if they interest you enough, to have your opinion in a review, however brief.  But if you are too busy even to look at them, as is likely the case, perhaps Burlingham, Miss Lathrop or some other of your sociologists around there will be glad to do it for the sake of the study.

I think it is rather a significant fact that a denominational publishing house, heretofore wholly given a theological propaganda, should recognize the trend of the times and begin to dip into sociology.

Will you be engaged Sunday evening, November 23rd?  Probably that is the night we will have the pow-wow at our church.  I want to have you and Professor Foster of the University to speak for us.  I will send you some printed matter, probably tomorrow, that will further explain.

           Cordially yours,