Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 3, 1902


My dear Alice,

Your long letter came yesterday, I was very grateful and of course am always interested in everything concerning Marcet. You mustn't stay away so long that you get [weird] notions of family relations. Stanley has not done anything with the violin for years, it was impossible for him to have lessons in Iowa and he quite naturally lost interest in it. He is, as you know in the Academy at Lake Forest, he might possibly enter college next year but we are planning for still another year there. [page 2] He is fine lad but will never be a fine student. He and the two Kelleys have been so useful this vacation that I am quite proud of "Settlement Children". He never causes me any anxiety and is as steady and affectionate as a boy can be. I expect Sarah ↑tomorrow for a↓ Sunday ↑visit↓ on her ↑way↓ back to Oxford. Laura comes in next week and if Weber does not improve will stay for the winter. With love to Marcet and yourself and an apology for this hasty [scrappy?] letter. I am always your loving sister Jane Addams

Jany 3d 1902