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Addams thanks Sikes for her contribution to the Christmas fund at Hull-House.

Addams provides an overview of the activities of the Hull-House Labor Museum, complete with illustrations of weaving. The sixteen-page report discusses the weaving and cloth-making techniques of various immigrants who live in the Hull-House neighborhood.
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Addams asks Skiff if the Field Museum might donate a collection of medieval textiles to the Hull-House Labor Museum.

Addams thanks Blaine for her check and promises to show her the Labor Museum.
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In this published excerpt of a lecture given on March 25, 1902, Addams describes how Hull-House provides a cheaper form of theater entertainment for the neighborhood.

Jones writes Addams about her request for a gas engine, adding that he hopes to see her soon.

Addams writes to Wald about the reception of William Dean Howells' plays at Hull-House and about her plans for a trip to California.

Fragment of a letter from Jane Addams, possibly to Mary Rozet Smith, that discusses invitations and the visits of Florence Kelley and the Linns.

Addams reports to Smith about various events that have transpired in her absence.

Addams reports about Chicago's reputation on the East Coast as a dirty city.

Addams writes Smith of the train crash she experienced and sends news about the activities of friends and family.

Addams writes Smith about everyday activities.

Addams writes Blaine about John Dewey's talk at Hull-House and invites her to attend his next address.

Addams discusses child labor, the topic of an upcoming lecture at the Summer School.

An excerpt of Addams' lecture on how settlement houses give people opportunities to practice arts and crafts, an important activity for immigrants afraid of losing their cultural heritage.

Addams discusses the Hull-House Labor Museum and the effect of factories on craftsmanship.

Addams discusses efforts made to reach the needy through settlement work. She delivered this speech at the annual meeting of the Associated Charities.

Addams notes abuses of Hull-Houses day nurseries by lazy fathers whose wives have to work.

Addams sends Blaine a tea caddy produced in the Hull-House shops.

Carman encloses a report (not attached) of an inspection of Hull-House's operations looking for ways to run it more economically.

Addams compliments Barnett on her recent publications and provides updates about Hull-House and the Labor Museum.

Addams wants to reschedule Rice's talks at Hull-House because a Socialist candidate for alderman has opened a headquarters nearby and attendance has been poor.

Addams asks Kelley's opinion on schooling options for Margaret Kelley.

Jane thanks Mr. Gilder for donating poetry books to Hull-House.

Addams delights in having another Greek Day at Hull House and encourages Barrows to organize it.

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