Samuel M. Jones to Jane Addams, March 31, 1902


March 31, 1902.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams;

On my return to the city after a few weeks' absence, I find your letter and that you want a one horse power gas engine; that my secretary had also written you that we make nothing less than a ten horse power; but she did not know that we have a good second hand Otto gas engine of two and one-half horse power.  Now, I am not sure but that it would serve your purpose all right, and you may want to attach something else to it later on.  If you have anyone to consult with about this matter, let me know your conclusions, and if you want this little Otto, I will have it shipped to you and throw in my good will and love to bind the bargain.

I cannot say when I am going to Chicago.  I hope that you are coming to Toledo some day when the weather is good enough that you can talk on the sacred bit of ground known as Golden Rule Park, that never will be quite sacred until it has known your presence.

Lovingly yours

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