Statement on Child Labor at the Hull House Summer School, July 3, 1902



Founder of Hull House Departs for Chautauqua, N.Y., and Will Give Five Lectures Before Assembly.

Miss Jane Addams of Hull House went to Chautauqua, N.Y., yesterday, and tomorrow will open the Hull House summer school in that city. Seventy young women will leave Chicago today to enroll as members of the school, which will be in session for two weeks. Miss Addams will deliver five lectures before the Chautauqua assembly during the coming week, in addition to her work in the school.

The Hull House summer school was organized ten years ago, and since that time the sessions have been held annually in Rockford, Ill. The classes are made up of young women students at Hull House, and similar institutions. The place of meeting this year was changed to Chautauqua, so that the students might have an opportunity to visit the general assembly in session there. Provisions have also been made for excursion trips to Niagara Falls and other centers of interest.

Miss Addams' first two lectures before the assembly will be on the general subject, "The Newer Ideals of Peace." "The Social Waste of Child Labor" will be the theme of the third lecture, and the fourth will be on the "Arts and Crafts Movement in Relation to Settlements." The subject of the last lecture has not been selected.

"The employment of children is an extravagant expenditure of social possibilities," said Miss Addams, in speaking of the theme of her third lecture. "It is like picking the blossoms from the fruit tree instead of waiting for the ripened fruit."

At the close of the session of the summer school Miss Addams will return to Chicago.