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Kellogg asks Addams for an article about the WILPF Summer School and pleads for an article from her for the Survey's tenth anniversary issue.
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Addams tells Kellogg that she will try to send him a write up on the Pax Special but will be at a social work conference.

Thomas asks Addams for an article about better understanding between the races for a publication that he wants to send to Germany.

Addams telegrams Kellogg that she failed to write the article he asked for.

Addams tells Kellogg she will do her best for Florence Kelley but she is still working on an article on child labor.

Addams asks Kelley if she would like to write something to Suzette Meyer.

Addams tries to make clear her comments at the Survey Graphic meeting.

Gillett asks Addams to write an preface for a memoir by Josephine Butler.
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