Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, June 17, 1909


Buffalo, N.Y., June 17" 1909

My dear Alice

We have been here for a very exciting week of "the Nat. Conference of Charities & Corrections" The new presidency means a lot of committee work and I am rather glad that Mrs Bowen and I are leaving tonight for St Albans where I speak on Monday and then we return to Toronto for another conference. [page 2]

I haven't been there since years ago when Marcet was a little girl, so horrified by the rat in the dining room. 

Niagra was as imposing as ever and I shall feel that by the time I settle down in the [house] cottage in Highland Park, July 1st that I shall have had a "summer time". Mary Smith is better but the doctor is still quite stern about her regimen. 

With much love to Marcet, 

Always your loving sister

Jane Addams