Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Treasurer's Report, May 1, 1919 to May 31, 1921

Report as Treasurer for 25 months.
May 1, 1919 to May 31, 1921.

The full financial report, audited, will be printed in the Congress Report. What I propose to do now is to give an informal and easily intelligible statement of the main facts. The sums are all in terms of Swiss francs and in round numbers.


The greater part of the receipts ↑income↓ of the whole period was contributed in connection with the Zurich Congress. After the main expenses of the Congress had been paid, we started with a sum in hand of ...

Receipts that have come in since have amounted to ... 34,300.
Total … 118,700.

The chief sources of this latter sum have been as follows:

Balance paid in from Amsterdam Office ... 984.
Payments by National Sections ... 5,211.
Fees of Associate Members ... 10,891.
Sale of printed [illegible] matter ... [illegible]
(Zurich Report) [illegible] 1,498.
Pax et Libertas Bulletins etc. 2,121.
Other 232. 3,851.
Gifts from Individuals ... 1,286.
Interest 1,824.
Profit on exchange 1,489. 3,313.
Gifts for Special purposes
Furnishing Miss Balch's Office (from members of Wellesley College) and other furnishings in addition to that in account of Maison Internationale ... 2,321.
Balkan Journey ... 1,101.
Vienna Congress & Support in period [1921-2] 5,000. ↑3,422.↓
Other ... 246.
↑29,204.↓ [1]

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The chief expense items have been as follows:

Printing of Report of Zurich Congress
(net expense after deducting receipts for copies sold: 15,424.)
German Stenographer at Zurich Congress $5,000.
Other extra expenses in connection with Zurich Congress[2] 1,464.
Cost of moving files and furniture from Amsterdam to Geneva ...  2,519.
Salaries ... 43,857.
Rent (2)[3] ... 6,315.
Fuel (1) 1,769.
Office Supplies ... 6,692.
Postage ... 2,222.
Printing (net expenses deducting sales, 7,745.) 10,096.
Books and papers ... 449.
Capital expenditure: type writing machine, office furniture, etc. 5,601.
Special Accounts:
Balkan journey (visas and railways) ... 630.
Expenses, C. E. Marshall during Assembly ... 1,000.
Expenses, J. Mélin in Belgium ... 146.
Executive Committee Meeting  ... 582.
Advanced for Vienna Congress ... 3,740.
Advanced for Summer School ... 780.

Total Expenditure for the period are ↑were then↓ as follows:

Receipts ... c. 118,700.

Expenses ... c. 1 ...

Balance in hand, May 31, 1921. c. ...


Some months ago I wrote to our National Sections and proposed that we should try once more to ↑try↓ raise enough money, in connection with the Congress, to pay, not only for the Congress itself but also for the estimated expenses of the next two years. If we can do this it will give [illegible] an extraordinarily firm basis [page 3] to my ↑our↓ work which I am sure that most organizations which have no subventions to depend upon will envy us.

Our present regular monthly expenses are as follows:

Salaries 2,000.
Rent and host [4] 283.
Supplies, Telephone, Postage and Printing ↑about↓ 717.

But besides these regular expenses amounting to 36,000. a year, we inevitably have from time to time special expenses much as the publication of a pamphlet or the financing of special undertakings of various sorts. If we allow for a yearly expense of this sort of: 4.000. we shall need yearly

But beside these regular expenses amounting yearly to … 36,000.
we inevitably have from time to time special expenses such as the publication of a pamphlet or the financing [of] special undertakings of various sorts. If we allow of [for] a yearly expenses of this sort of … of 4,000.
We shall need yearly …  40,000.

I therefore estimate that our need for the two years before us:

For the Congress ↑and↓ Congress report [5] ↑Aid for a↓ possible deficit on the Salzburg Summer School 20,000.
For Headquarters expenses ↑for two years↓ 30,000.

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[illegible] It is obvious that the 50 francs annual fee due from each Section is not a very serious contribution toward this sum. I therefore made a rough estimate of what might be equitable, or at least possible, shares of such a sum to be contributed by our different National Sections, believing that it is easier to collect money if a definite amount has been named. Our membership has been very [lenient] with me for making this audacious attempt to suggest distribution ↑of our load↓ [illegible] but I do not yet know how far they have succeeded, [in] [illegiblealready by the end of May over 5,000. frs. had been [illegible] and more has come in [illegible] but if we are to go on with any sense of security the Sections must now make a serious effort to find the financial support for our work.

I appeal to the Congress Committee on Finance and Organization, [for plans] and advice, I appeal to all our organized Sections and I appeal to the Congress itself for [illegible] ↑evidence that↓ we intend that this work of ours shall go on.

[1] ↑Money received for the Vienna Congress and subsequent work is not included↓

[2] For the other expenses of the Zurich Congress, amounting to 15,756. -- see p. 486 of the Report of the Zurich Congress.

[3] The letting of rooms at the Maison Internationale covers all cleaning, care of furnace and garden, small repairs etc.

[4] There Other expenses such as cleaning, care of central heating, repairs etc. are covered by the letting of rooms to visitors.

[5] ↑These expenses in connection with the Zurich Congress totaled 38,422.↓