Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, October 17, 1921

130 Prince St
Boston 30
Oct 17.
Wellesley College,
Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Dear Miss Addams

The four checks ↑for the W.I.L.P.F.↓ all reached me duly as shown in memorandum herewith and I am distressed that they were not promptly acknowledged. I have been making visits and moving about & speaking and the letter I wrote met with an accident (it was belated anyway) and may never have been mailed.

I have had acknowledgment from the National Park Bank of the two first checks (6500 & 272) but not yet of the last check for $25.

This with the previous money received makes a (truly) grand total of 8597.25 (not 8577.00) [page 2]

Thanks for the accounts which I am sending on to Fraulein Wössner for her files.

You certainly have a right to heave a sigh of heartfelt satisfaction to think this enormous sum has been raised, paid in and closed up. As you say this clears [illegible] covers also what you proposed to do in regard to Vilma Glücklich or if she does not come it will be all to the good.

2) In addition to these checks I have received (Oct 8) your check for $10 (Am. Exp. Co) to pay for

On acc't Miss Brenner

Oct [On acc't] pins received

[On acc't] pins to be ordered from Austria

{I am sorry to say I did not bring as many as I thought, I had done and I am ordering more} [page 3]

3) I enclose [illegible] data as to our financial situation at Geneva (apart from money in the National Park Bank) which indicates that we ought not to have to draw on our  N.Y. account before Jan 1 (apart from my salary check for Sept 15 to Oct 15 of $200 which I will now draw).

4) Many thanks for the $25 for Miss Thornton (for Miss Willetta Parker) to which I am adding something. I am disgusted that they bothered you about this.

This seems to cover the financial matters. I will follow this up with another letter [page 4] dealing with the many other outstanding matters, touched on in your letters & Miss Jennison's and others, but this seems all I am likely to be able to get off [illegible] tonight.

I will send Miss Kittredge an account of Vienna and Salzburg as you desire in the course of this week.

I will try to send Miss Kittredge matter about Salzburg etc as you suggest -- in a few days.

I have spoken on the WILPF to the Boston group and am at Wellesley College and am to speak before the Womens City Club, the Community Church & the League for Industrial.

My idea of anything like a few weeks of real vacation, unbroken holiday has [page 5] inevitably gone glimmering out. I am in such good shape that I hope I can go back rested by snatching all the repose I can in the intervals of the innumerable claims that returning after two years away has brought forward. People are so kind, especially at Wellesley so endlessly kind and only too appreciative, that it is not possible to say no.

Yours very sincerely

Emily G. B.

Oct 17./21. [page 6]

Checks received on behalf of WILPF





For Miss Thornton (for Miss Willetta Parker) $25.

Emily G Balch

Oct. 17/21