Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, July 13, 1917


July 13" 1917

I will write again [by Aug?]

Dearest Lady

Your letter came this morning and gave me much pleasure. You failed to [enclose] the [Cumming's?] letter but perhaps that will come later. I got here last evening having stopped in Philadelphia to see Mr Battin and I ↑also went↓ to Washington with Alice Hamilton. I am most eager to tell you about both things and want to see you as soon as ↑I can↓ possibly leave here for a few days. Do you think that you could meet [page 2] & would you stay there for a day or two as my guest? or is the inn at Blue Hill P.O.(?) open. Could we meet there. I could come to either place by motor at the end ↑or middle↓ of next week. If you could reach either by motor easily it might be our best way.

Mary Smith and I have not opened our house this year & Mrs Bowen will soon be filled up with guests. I am planning to stay until early in Aug. Hastily yours Jane Addams.