Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, June 21, 1917

On the way Washington
to N.Y.C.

Dear Miss Addams.

I went on to Washington Monday night to try to get a passport. I conferred with Grace Abbott and Miss Lathrop, then with Mrs. Kelley who appeared at this juncture and with Mrs. Post. The upshot is a strong feeling that ↑it↓ is (not merely not worth while for me to go over) but that it is positively unwise. The points seem to be especially the fear that an informal meeting at which Dutch members would in all probability not be [page 2] present would tend to increase the difficulty of maintaining, [such a] feeling and action, and secondly that a meeting at which French, English & Belgians are unrepresented would "feel" to people as unfair to the Entente side and that it would lower not help our standing and [power?] of usefulness.

I therefore, like the King of France, "marched down again," inclining to rather agree with the [skeptics] myself.

My guess is that you will [page 3] be rather relieved at this outcome.

If you think however that it is better for me to persevere, I am more than ready to do so.

Miss Laura Hughes was in the office the other day and I had a long talk with her about the Canadian branch and the [imbroglio]. It all seems to be on paper anyway.

It is too bad that it should be so.

I think that after 4 days next week at a Quaker conference at Westtown where I am to have a "class" I shall retire for a little -- perhaps go down to Maine with my sister.

I am so glad the last turn of your health-barometer is upward. So may it continue steadily.


E. G. B.

Address Je 24-29
Westtown Penn.