Aylmer Maude to Jane Addams, July 7, 1904


7 July '04.

My dear Miss Addams,

At our "Resurrection" fund Committee meeting the other day, we found ourselves with over £600 in hand, and the Doukhobors in no particular need of further assistance. I proposed that, while ↑now that↓ we have a surplus, we should send "Hull House" £50, by way of acknowledgement of the very generous and opportune gift of $200 made by Miss Mary Smith and her family, at a time when we had no funds in hand and the Doukhobors were in need of help.

No one on the Committee grudged the money, but some doubt was expressed as to whether "Hull House" wanted it? You have so many rich and generous people in Chicago, that perhaps you easily get all the money you want? I was, however, commissioned to write and say that the Trustees of the "Resurrection" Fund will be pleased to send you £50 if you have any work in view what wants doing and is checked for want of funds.

I need only add that, personally, it would be a pleasure to me to have an opportunity of acknowledging the great kindness shown me by you and your niece.

It may interest you to hear that £300 is to go to Miss Honnor Morten to enable her to start a home for women and sick children.

With all good wishes,

Yours very faithfully,

Aylmer Maude [signed]

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