Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, April 11, 1902

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.  April 11" [1902]

My dear Alice 

Your letter was forwarded to me here where I have been with Mr & Mrs Smith for a week. Mary is abroad you know and this seemed my chance to be of some service to the dear people who have been so good to me. The sea has been very delightful and I am quite rested up after my long "speaking tour." We reach Chicago Sunday morning at nine. Clara & Annie have been down for the day & have only now left us. [page 2]

I will only have two weeks at home before the Cal. trip so I am afraid that I cannot accept the [Salma?] invitation.  I am sorry to have gotten into the Cal. affair but there is no getting out now. I should certainly be very glad to meet any of the Kansas ladies-–I am quite at a loss to make out your remark about my attitude toward them. I have been quite [unconscious] of any thing of the [sort].

If Marcet has only seven weeks more of school why don't you [page 3] come east in time for the Bryn Mawr commencement & see something of the various Schools before she puts in an application. I should think that next year at a good preparatory school  would make [her?] first college years much easier--the "high school prepared girl" is always at a certain disadvantage and both from the social and scholarship side it is much easier to go from a preparatory school.

[page 4] Clara would be delighted to have you come there [in] June and you could visit in Chicago over coming and going. With love to Marcet

Always your loving sister Jane Addams