Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 11, 1902


 Atlantic City

April 11" 1902



Your letter from Nîmes came to me here today. I am so glad that you liked "the provinces" and am sorry my imagination halts at Sicily.

We have come to the end of our week and leave tomorrow morning, it has all been very nice and I can't share your feelings [against] resorts. I am so sorry about your scare in regard to Atlantic City. I hope you were able to count up & remember that we were not [page 2] due until the day of the fire. It has only added a sense of interest and in no wise did us harm -- not even nervously.

Two of my cousins were down today and we really had quite a jolly luncheon party.

I have had time to think about you a great deal and you have been a great solace in the midst of terrible throes about the awful book -- if I could only do it over and then dedicate it a la Prof James!

Please write me really and truly about your nose and your cold generally. Miss Wald was so pleased [page 3] over the operation. She really loves you dearly and I love her best when she talks about you! I have quite a new feeling for New York, it is amazing to feel the fervor for reform which is in the air -- [like] a school having taken New Years resolutions.

Your father has come in to suggest dining and wishes me to say that he is glad I am writing and regrets that he has written you more from here -- we have had a very good time together -- on the whole the best we have ever had and that's saying [much]. [page 4]

Please give my love to Eleanor, of course you will stop at [Assisi] and your ticket around Innsbruck meant. It has positively seemed very Venetian here at times with the bridges from the Boardwalk to the hotels filled with the gondola shaped rolling chairs. It has been absurdly like at times.

Always, dearest, yrs J. A. [page 5]


Your father has asked me to explain that Fred could not make out the address in your cable & so could not reply. That we did not cable from here because it was so long after before we knew of your cable that he concluded you must know all and will on your [arrival] have heard.

I may say personally [that] I was for cabling c/o [Crédit] Lyonnais but my vote did not carry.