Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, March 21, 1916

On train
March 21

Dear Miss Addams

I am, very late, returning various letters etc as you asked part to Dr. Hamilton part to Miss Breckinridge. I do hope my delay has caused no inconvenience. I am also returning these, as to which you gave no special directions to you at H. Ho. marking not to forward.

I have taken the liberty of <making &> keeping a copy of Miss Wales letter to you expressing her faith in the enterprise (written from The Hague). Her cable of Feb. 23rd from Stockholm [page 2] and finally a letter from <Lochner(?)> Rosika (?) to Dean Kirchwey as to delegates which gives information that I have not otherwise. If you in the least prefer for me not to keep these let me know. Of course it is a highly informal thing to keep a copy of loaned letters but I think you would like me to have these.

Yours always affectionately

Emily G Balch