Ida Minerva Tarbell to Jane Addams, November 26, 1912

The American Magazine

November 26th, 1912

Miss Jane Addams,
c/o Mrs. Pinchot,
1021 Park Avenue,
New York City.

My dear Miss Addams,

I would gladly go to the meeting this afternoon if I had not another engagement at 3 o'clock. I have promised in introduce John J. Chapman who is to speak at the club. If it were anybody but him (he is a sensitive soul and I am afraid is not going to have a large audience) I would beg off, but I must not do it.

I am glad that you are taking steps to solidify the Progressives. It seems to me vastly important. We want to help here in any way that we can. I wish I could have a talk with you before you leave. I leave town early tomorrow morning, but if you are get-at-able anywhere this evening I should like to run in and see you. A telephone message before o'clock sent to Madison Square 2500, c/o Miss Alberga, would be passed on to me.

Faithfully yours,

I. M. Tarbell [signed by secretary] s.a.

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