Frances Alice Kellor to Jane Addams, December 22, 1912

Dear Miss Addams.

I am enclosing a list of the members of the Legislative Reference Bureau Committee. Mr McCarthy has been asked to serve on the Committee. If he does not wish to do so Mr Henry Cochems will then represent Wisconsin. It is very desirable that the whole service plan be discussed with Mr McCarthy  and that an outline of his work be secured and a budget be fixed before the executive committee meeting on the 10 of January. May we not therefore have a preliminary conference with Mr McCarthy & the local members of the Committee -- you and Mr Merriam and then your committee might meet in New York on the 9th to discuss the plan worked out. [I would] try and attend such a meeting if it can be held in Chicago say on the 30th early enough for me to catch the <Lakeshore Limited> xx Century Limited 5:30 back. 

In the meantime will you communicate as soon as possible week Dr. McCarthy and ask him if he will [attend] such a conference to discuss plans and let me know the time set

The amount of work we do will depend on our budget. If you know any people in [page 2] Chicago who would contribute to this Service work whom I might see while I am there I mgiht remain over, as we went 100 $1000 subsciptions by the time of the meeting Jan 10. We do not want any one person to give more than this to the general fund, but can raise other subscriptions for more specific purposes later.

Very sincerely
Frances A Kellor

P.S. We decided to select dept. heads for the Service Committee but not to make each one respobinsible for a Dept unless he or she wished to be but to organize the work centrally by the Committee. This being true I thought you would not object to serving.

If you think it gives us time enough the meeting [could] be Jan 2 if that suits Mr McC better.