Vida Dutton Scudder to Jane Addams, July 19, 1912

Wellesley College.
Wellesley. Massachusetts.

July 19, 1912

My dear Miss Addams:-

It is disgraceful that I have not sooner acknowledged the cherished autograph copy of your book. I have no excuse to proffer: pen paralysis seemed to descend on me with the vacation! With all the world, I have given thanks [page 2] for the book, and have prayed that it might quicken men and women mightily to remove this sickening shame that seems to blot out the sun.

If you do get a chance to read Socialism and Character, and if we ever have a leisure hour, I shall hope for some criticism. You see we covet you in the socialist [page 3] camp. I think we may some day win Miss Dudley.

I am building me a little home for my mother at Wellesley; when next you come to the College, will you stay with me? I feel sadly in [Francis?] case, but it is really my mother's house and planning, and she needs it. [page 4] And one can use a house so democratically that I'm happy in the change.

Yours ever gratefully

 Vida D. Scudder [signed]

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