Martha Carey Thomas to Jane Addams, May 30, 1912


May 30, 1912.

Dear Miss Addams,

Miss Garrett and I are very much pleased that you can spend Wednesday and Thursday nights with us and can go with us to Baltimore on Friday morning to the Bryn Mawr School commencement where we are also much pleased that you are to speak.

Have you not got the dates wrong or could I have been in error in writing to you? The alumnae supper is on Thursday the 6th at 7 o'clock commencement day when you will be at Bryn Mawr for the night because you are going down to Baltimore with us on the morning of the 7th. You could therefore be present at the supper and say a few words if you felt like it. It would give you an interesting insight into our life at Bryn Mawr and it is always an inspiring spectacle to look at and listen to a body of young college women.

The Garden Party is on the evening of Wednesday June the 5th. You wrote me that you hoped to come in time to attend it.

Miss Shaw writes me today that you have requested that the meeting of the Board be set for June the 5th. I am sorry that this was necessary as I am so afraid that you will be tired on Thursday. I have written Miss Shaw that I want her to make it possible at least for you to get off early enough on Wednesday to catch the four o'clock train on the Pennsylvania. This would mean leaving [505] at twenty minutes to four and ordering a taxi beforehand from the Pennsylvania cab office. Their taxis are absolutely certain and make very good time. You would reach West Philadelphia the station which comes after [page 2] North Philadelphia just before Broad Street at four minutes to six. You could then take the six-five express to Bryn Mawr and get here at half past six in time to look at the Garden Party in full swing before going up to your room to rest and dress before dinner which would be late. It would give you a quiet evening and a long night so that you would not be tired for your commencement address. Unless I hear from you to the contrary I shall meet you on the six-five unless you find you can take an earlier train which would be much more delightful.

With kindest regards,
Sincerely yours,

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