Charles Yeomans to Jane Addams, May 4, 1907

Hotel Lenox

My dear Miss Addams:

We were both terribly disappointed not to have seen you before we left on Tuesday, but we had to start so early that it could hardly have been helped. In spite of the prosaically early hour, our wedding was, to us at least, as satisfactory and impressive as it could have been. It was a bright bracing morning, Maud [page 2] looked better than I have ever seen her, and we were both in the best of spirits. We stood in front of a cheerful open fire with sunlight pouring in the windows, and the service was simply read by a very friendly, unministerial sort of clergyman. No doubt Mr. Twose (the bridesmaid he was) will have told you all about it. There was as little commotion or formality about it as if it had [page 3] been nothing more that daily family prayers, and for this reason, most of all, it pleased us. It seemed to me so much more genuine and spontaneous than any elaborate church wedding could be.

We are taking our slowly, without any feeling of obligation to see or go to any place or thing as we both want rest, after a rather trying month. [page 4]

We are deeply appreciative, Miss Addams, of your sympathetic interest in our problem. It was no child's play for either of us. And we are grateful to you for your friendly help toward this happy solution. We are sure it was the right one & perhaps through the combination we shall both prove of more value to our beloved H.H.

Very affectionately Charles Yeomans

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