Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, September 4, 1907


My dear Mrs Blaine

You kindly intimated when I told you of our desire to keep Charlie Cornish in Denver for the summer, that you would send us some help. The project was to cost two hundred dollars of which I have personally advanced half but as the time draws near for the remainder, I find myself in a perplexity. [page 2] If you care to help out in the crisis I shall be most grateful.

May I send you an article I have just written? I am sure that organized education ought to take hold of the matter, and I am looking to the wisest lady I know, in educational affairs.

I have just returned from a three weeks vacation, we were in Gloucester last [page 3] Sunday and had I had more definite knowledge of your address I should have tried to find you.

Much discussion is going on concerning the new Charter and as the school board is a favorite argument pro and con, the poor old ghosts of last year still stalk.

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

Sept. 4" 1907

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