Mina Caroline Ginger Van Winkle to Jane Addams, February 23, 1918

FROM Speaking Division

CHARGE TO Official February 23, 1918.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Illinois

Following wire just received this morning "Annual convention California Federation Women's Clubs to be held in Oakland wishes to present Miss Addams on Thursday evening March twenty eighth. Miss Addams willing [to] speak to State convention. May we have that date. Wire reply and subject my expense." Requests for your services also received as follows: District convention California Federation Women's Clubs [illegible] San Francisco [illegible] March nineteenth to twenty first prefer you evening nineteenth ten thousand membership [illegible]. Philomathean Club of Stockton California composed nearly four hundred representative women of city sometime during March. State Normal School San Jose California any time in March before twenty second. Big mass meeting Pasadena under auspices Women's Legislative Council of California sometime in March. Woman's Club Palo Alto California prefer March sixth [illegible] ↑or↓ twentieth audience about three hundred Palo Alto one hour's ride from San Francisco on main line. Sacramento in March under auspices Woman's Committee [illegible] State Council Defense. Please advise what you do about request for your services [illegible] ↑Hanford↑ March nineteen or twenty.

Please advise about above and set dates. [illegible]

Van Winkle
Food Administration.