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Addams asks Coolidge to veto efforts to limit Japanese immigration to the United States.

Addams discusses the ill effect of current immigration law before the Brooklyn Jewish Center.

Addams discusses a meeting with Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 in which he advised women's clubs to agitate for labor reform.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.

Addams reports that she was not able to meet with government officials and that she will not intervene in reparations discussions.

Addams announces that she is meeting with world leaders to urge them to settle the reparations problem immediately.

Addams accepts James' invitation to join a group to support Robert La Follette's bid for president.

Addams argues that the United States must take a leading role in world affairs.

Addams spoke on America's role in international relief efforts and about the work done at Hull House.

Addams urges her audience to support the United States entry to the League of Nations.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article to help a push to ratify the Child Labor Amendment.

Addams discusses the procedure for hiring civil servants in the light of Charles B. Ball's appointment of sanitary inspector.

Addams predicts that the United States will join the League of Nations eventually.

Addams responds to suggestions that she run for Mayor of Chicago by indicating that she feels women do not have the experience to serve in political offices.

Addams tells Pinchot that she will send his letter to the ACLU to answer his questions about clemency.

Addams tells Moss that she will not join the board of the United States Flag Association, but wishes him well.

Addams argues for disarmament and claims the vast majority of taxes are used for war.

Colcord sens Addams his ideas on how to gather Republican support for the World Court.

Pinchot tells Addams that he cannot pardon prisoners under Pennsylvania law and advises that the ACLU follow the procedures.

Addams tells Woods that she thinks local politicians should be invited to attend the International Congress of Women and questions the timing of the United States Section meeting.

Addams tells Kellogg that The Survey should be more forceful in its defense of Anita Whitney.

Addams, Stedman and Mathes oppose the establishment of Eastern "blue laws" in the Midwest.

Rude asks Addams to testify for the Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Bill to be discussed at Congress.

Addams discusses the impact of the proposed Illinois’ “Eight Hour Bill” on both men and women workers. She spoke at a meeting of the Joint Committee for the Women's Eight Hour Bill held at the Morrison Hotel.

Addams promises to ask the United States State Department to intervene for Irish prisoners of war.

Schurman invites Addams to dine at the American Embassy in Peking.

Addams asks Hoover for clemency for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti as a means of foreign-born Americans

Addams defends the Auditorium Theater event after hearing that the government might investigate.
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