Woman's Peace Party Delegates and Alternatives, November 1918


Revised November, 1918.


Committee of Five for U.S.A.,

elected at the Hague, May, 1915.

Jane Addams, Fannie Fern Andrews, Emily Greene Balch, Florence Kelley, Lucia Ames Mead

Delegates and Alternates selected by the Board of the W.P.P., in December, 1915, to represent the Section for the U.S.A., of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace

Twenty of these delegates, ten alternates.

Delegates selected from Organizations

Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt,
New York City 

President, International Woman's Suffrage Alliance

Mrs. May Wright [Sewall],
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Honorary President, International Council of Women

Dr. Anna Howard Shaw,
New York City.

National American Woman's Suffrage Association

Miss Anna Gordon,
Evanston, Illinois 

National W.C.T.U.

Miss Mary Emma Woolley,
Mt. Holyoke College, Mass.

National Education Association

Mrs. William I. Hull,
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Association of Collegiate Alumnae

Miss Janet Richards,
Washington, D.C. 

Catholic Women's League

Miss Leonora O'Reilly,
Brooklyn, New York

National Women's Trade Union League

Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett,
Alexandria, Virginia. 

National Council of Women

Mrs. Frank Cothren,
New York City.

Intercollegiate Socialist Society

Mrs. Frank Williams,
Buffalo, New York 

General Federation of Women's Clubs

Mrs. Lucy Biddle Lewis,
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Association of Friends

Miss Mary McDowell,
Chicago, Illinois 

National Y.M.C.A.

Miss Marion Tilden Burritt,
New York City

American Peace Society

Mrs. Charles H. Bond,
Boston, Massachusetts

National Daughters of the American Revolution

Delegates and Alternates also elected by the Board, W.P.P, in December, 1915.

Miss Lillian D. Wald,
New York City

Mrs. David Starr Jordan,
Stanford, California

Mrs. William I. Thomas,
Chicago, Illinois

Miss S. P. Breckinridge,
University of Chicago

Mrs. Frederick H. Holt,
Detroit, Michigan

Miss Grace DeGraff,
Portland, Oregon

Miss Grace Abbott,
Washington, D.C.

Mrs. John J. White,
Washington, D.C.

Mrs. George Rublee,
New York City

Mrs. Louis F. Post,
Washington, D.C.

Miss Florence Holbrook,
Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Frederick J. Taussig,
St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. William Jennings Bryan,
Lincoln, Nebraska

Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman,
New York City

Miss Mary Stewart,
Loveland, Colorado

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