Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, August 26, 1915


Dear Miss Addams,

Dr. Jacobs is here beside writing to you and looking very well. I came on by the Fall River Road to find that she had arrived Wednesday morning, instead of Thursday, as I understood the Company to expect her. However she was glad to have had a day to sleep after a disturbed night and for quiet talk with Mrs. Catt before I came.

I hoped to find a note here from Bar Harbor saying that you were better. I hope no news is good news. Dr. Jacobs seemed to think perhaps she ought to take no step without seeing you but her mandate is so clear and distances so great that I thought you would certainly advise her going right ahead. I certainly think it would be a good thing if she could talk with you before she sees Wilson and if you could go with her. If you can't, or don't want to, and if it seems [best], and Wilson is willing, I am quite ready to go with her. I wished Miss Wald could have been with me when I went. It is an advantage to have two to help remember and corroborate one another apart from anything else.

If as you planned you came up from Maine on the 30th and if Wilson is as slow as previously, you may yet [illegible] see Dr. Jacobs before the interview.

You see I am assuming he will see her under all these circumstances. If not, then we will consult as to alternative plans of getting the questions to him.

I think myself her path is so clear sent as she is to ask specific questions unofficially for the Dutch ministers that previous conference is of the less importance. [page 2]

I was [illegible] to find that Dr Jacobs has independently called the other two not to come. She was rather relieved to find I felt as she did about going ahead and not writing to see if Rosika Schwimmer did after all come on the next boat.

I take it that under all the circumstances not only <both> Dr. Jacobs' visit and mine to Bar Harbor had better fall out definitely. I shall hope to see you at this end of the line in Boston or New York instead. She would rather avoid any such journey unless it is important toward her end, much as she would enjoy seeing Bar Harbor and seeing you.

One good thing about Dr. Jacobs' coming is that she and Mrs. Catt can talk out <in> full the problems of the international congress. This will be a load off Miss Macmillan's mind.

I do hope you are on the high road to being fully well and strong again.

My love to Miss Wald and Miss Smith.

Yours, as you know,

Emily G. Balch

Thursday A.M.
Address me
Care Mrs. Catt
2 West 86th St. N.Y.C.