List of foreign dignitaries who met with International Congress of Women delegates July 28, 1915


Rose <Lowes> Dickinson

Bertrand Russell

Lady [Selborne]

Lord Robert Cecil

Lord Crewe

Allen Baker, M.P.

W. H. Dickinson, M.P.

Noel Buxton, M.P.

Mr. Whitehouse M.P.

Percy Alden, MP

Ramsay MacDonald, M.P.

Charles Trevelyan, MP

Arthur Ponsonby, M.P.

Graham [Wallas]

Sidney [Webb]

Leonard Hobhouse

Hirst, Editor Economist

Massingham, Editor The Nation

[S. K.] Ratcliffe, Editor Daily News

Alfred Zimmern

Lloyd George

Lord Chief Justice Rufus Isaacs, Earl of Redding

Lord Morley

Lord Bryce

Lord Haldane

Lord [Loreburn], (Robert Reid)

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Winchester

Bishop of Bombay

Carlisle of Oxford

Gilbert Murray

Sidney Ball, St. John's Oxford

[A. L.] Smith, Balliol Oxford

George Cadbury, Birmingham

John Burns M.P.

E. Morel M.P.

Lord and Lady Courtney

Mrs. Barnett

Mrs. Creighton

Olive Schreiner

Vernon Lee

Alice Meynell

Lady Henry Somerset

Mrs. Swanwick

Lady Barlow

<Lord Eustace Percy

[G. H.] Perris

[Aylmer] Maude

Herbert Stead

180 members of English Committee, Settlement people [etc etc].> [page 2]

May 6 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Holland, Mr. [Louden]

May 7 Prime Minister of Holland, Cort [van] der Linden

May 13 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Great Britain, Sir Edward Grey

May 14 Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr. Asquith

May 21 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Germany, Graf von Jagow

May 22 Chancellor of Germany, von [Bethmann-Hollweg]

May 27 Prime Minister of Austria, Graf Stürgkh

May 27 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Austria-Hungary, Baron [Burián]

May 29 Prime Minister of Hungary, Count Tisza

June 1 Minister of Political Affairs for Switzerland, Dr. [Hoffmann]

June 1 Pres. of the Swiss Confederation, Signor [Motta]

June 4 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Italy, Baron Sonnino

June 5 Prime Minister of Italy, Professor Salandra

June 6. Secretary to the Pope, Cardinal [Gasparri]

June 8 Pope Benedict XV

June 12 Minister of Foreign Affairs for France, M. Delcassé

June 14 Pres. de [Conseil], Dr. Viviani

June 15 Minister of Foreign Affairs for Belgium, M/ [Davignon]

<Northern Committee

Denmark -- Prime Min -- Mr Zahle

Min. of For Af -- Mr Scavenius

Norway -- The King of Norway

Prime Min -- Mr Knudsen

Min. of for. af -- Mr Ihlen

4 Prests of the [Storting]

Sweden -- Min. of foreign affairs

Mr Wallenberg --

Russia Min of foreign affairs -- Mr [Sazonov]>

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