Florence Adelaide Bramhall to Jane Addams, January 1915

Miss Addams:
Hull House:

Dear Miss Addams:

Do you wish local clubs organized for your Peace & Suffrage work? And are there any instructions? Would it be all right for such a club to affiliate with the State Fed. of Clubs?

fear the Antis are organizing to make trouble -- at the Midwinter (Feb. 11) meeting & as [page 2] I know we shall form a club to assist your movement -- I wondered if at the same time we could be of use in helping hold the Federation?

St Paul is, (as probably most cities --) torn by contending factions within the suffrage ranks -- we think we see a way for the real steadfast workers to get a small club in this way that will not conflict with either faction and yet will leave us freer [illegible] to really work for suffrage than is possible at present -- when big clubs assume that things are done -- & inhibit everything. [page 3] We think & hope this is an opportunity for a small group to begin in a small harmonious way to be of use to our State Suffrage President here in St Paul, where, at least, temporarily, things are terribly mixed up. But before even speaking of it -- we want to know what is desired by your peace movement. And whether belonging to your congress would make it inadvisable to affiliate with other organizations.

Also, I know there is a Minnesota Peace Asso, -- and -- since we are out for just two things -- harmony & work -- I don't want to make even a suggestion without knowing the ground.

I will greatly appreciate anything you can forward in the way of instruction.


(Mrs. W. E.) Florence Bramhall
514 Holly Ave
St Paul.

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