Carrie Chapman Catt to Jane Addams, January 1915


Miss Jane Addams,

The proposed meeting of the Alliance will not be held, as the votes are in majority against it. It is now proposed to call a meeting of unofficial women. Dr. Jacobs writes me that the idea is to protest against the war. The English women evidently have a different idea.

I have written that I heartily approve of such a meeting being held, but that I cannot come over for it nor can I give my name to the call, as I feel sure it would be misunderstood and believed by some to be official.

If such a meeting is held, I think it would be well for you as chief of the Peace Party here to send any recommendations as to policy which may occur to you. I have sent the platform of the Peace Party to all of them, and as I have of late been approached by several of the more radical suffragists of Great Britain as to the possibility of doing something important, I have urged them to use their spare energies in starting a similar movement there.

Most cordially yours,

Carrie Chapman Catt [signed]

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