Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, August 17, 1912


Aug. 17

Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dear Lady,

This letter which is being kindly written for me as you see is in reality a joint product. I can quite understand your bewilderment, it took me three days and nights to make up my mind to go in [illegible] after the splendid platform suffrage and all had been laid before my astonished eyes. I am [page 2] enclosing a little printed leaflet for with the planks on the back which [several?] we want. It is pretty hard not to work for them when they are at last in practical politics. I have always kept out of the Socialist party [because] it went further than I was ready to go, but here was this just about as far as I did go and offering a chance to work directly for women's [page 3] causes. You may imagine it was pretty hard for me to swallow warships etc. The negro situation was really much better than the papers made out, but Mr [Moskowitz] will tell you of that. On the whole I am sure we are making for social righteousness and I haven't a shadow of a regret. I had a long talk with Mr Schiff yesterday, he is for Wilson but not so bitter against the third party as I had been told he might be. [page 4] After all it is the party and the women quite as much if not more than the men. Three months of splendid campaigning on social issues lies ahead, whatever the outcome. It would be very nice if you could come on out I need not tell you how warm a welcome you would find. Mary is much better, has gone to Bethel for a few weeks but will be here early in Sep. Do write us from time to time of your state, political and physical.

Affectionately yours

Jane Addams