Gertrude Toynbee to Jane Addams, March 11, 1911

7 Greys Inn Residences
London E. C.

Mar. 11, 1911

My dear Miss Addams,

This is only a short note wait to write on your book till I have finished my second reading of it. It is a wonderful book & I am deeply grateful to you for it. I have been very busy & very tired & to have not been able to let on [illegible words] as fast [page 2] as I should have liked. Thank you so much for your note. Was very pleased to hear of your lecturing on my Brother Arnold. Do you think you can get my little book noticed in the American press & would you like any press copies first? [page 3] If you come across any notices I should be very grateful if you wd. send them me in an envelope for security. Was it you who used to send me "The Commons"? I never knew where it came from & as I could not write. I give my latest address & I wonder whether it is still being sent to my old address. [page 4]

I do congratulate you on all you have accomplished in Chicago. Would you like to have one of my copies of Turner's Water [Colors] for Hull House? If so I will give you one only I had better wait for some friend of yours to take it across. [Wd] not offer one if I did not know that my copies are considered good by competent judges & have been taken for originals. [written at the top of page 1] <I have had delighted [notes] & notices on my book.

Yours very sincerely Gertrude Toynbee

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