Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, September 13, 1924


My dear Mrs Hull

Miss Woods failed to [enclose] a copy of Mrs Brite's letter [although] she thought she had [enclosed] it. I have written her about it. Won't you write to Mrs Brite expressing appreciation [etc.] and I will write at once to you and her when her letter comes.

Once before we had an inquiry for a little legacy for the International (that was [distinctly]) [page 2] and I suggested that it be left to three trustees from the U.S.A. E. Balch, myself and a third to be selected by the lady herself. I never heard from her again and I suspect it did not go through.

I haven't my file here but it was from an old lady in New Jersey whom I imagine had little but her "old home" to leave. Something of the same thing could be done for the Nat. with the understanding that if we went out of existence the money went to the ↑old↓ Nat. Peace Society [etc.] [page 3]

I hardly know what to say to Mrs Moore. I think that in any event she ought to see the [enclosed] material, and the letter Miss Balch wrote to the "Y" group who denounced us. Perhaps they would let us send [someone] to represent us at the discussion on the other hand it might be easier to resign until we are asked to rejoin!

I cannot make out the Women's organization attitude to the W.I.L. Mrs Catt [was] [page 4] appointed at the Buffalo meeting of the League of Women Voters to form a federation of Peace Committees from women's organizations and evidently has no intention of asking us.

Apparently our "war record" dies hard. I am most eager to hear of the decisions at the Board meeting. Always devotedly Yours Jane Addams.

Sept 13" 1924