Waldo Ralph Browne to Louise de Koven Bowen, August 10, 1910

Fine Arts Building Michigan Boulevard

Chicago, August 10, 1910.
Mrs. Joseph T. Bowen,
Bar Harbor,

Dear Madam:-

As you are no doubt aware, Miss Addams's autobiographic account of "Twenty Years at Hull House" is to be published early in September. With Miss Addams's [cooperation], we are planning to issue on our own account a special large paper edition of the book, limited to perhaps 125 copies, each copy to be signed by Miss Addams. In paper, printing, and binding this special edition will be very much superior to the regular trade edition, and its direct association with Miss Addams will of course give it an unusual interest and significance. Several persons in Chicago have already subscribed for five or ten copies each, -- Mrs. Wilmarth, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Avery Coonley, and others; so the edition is not likely to last very long. Knowing of your long association with Miss Addams and her work, we have thought that you might like to hear of our plan immediately in order that you could make sure of securing as many copies of this special edition as you care for. The price will probably be $5. or $6. Hoping to have the pleasure of hearing from you at an early date, we are

Yours very truly,

Browne's Bookstore
W. R. Browne [signed]