Waldo Ralph Browne to Jane Addams, August 10, 1910

Fine Arts Building Michigan Boulevard
Chicago, August 10, 1910.
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,

My dear Miss Addams: --

When in New York last week I talked with the Macmillan people regarding the special edition for BROWNE'S BOOKSTORE of your forthcoming book. They seemed to favor the idea; but it occurs to me that in considering the matter they may possibly think that it would be ↑[well]↓ worth while to issue an autograph edition on their own account. This is, of course, a mere possibility only; but I am hoping that if they should bring the matter up with you, you will let them know that our plan is already pretty well under way. Several people have already subscribed for a number of copies each -- Mrs. Wilmarth, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Avery Coonley, and one or two others. There will be no great amount of profit in the enterprise for us, but it seems a pleasant and desirable thing to do, and I hope that we may be able to carry it through. I will see that at least half a dozen copies of the edition are sent for your own use without charge.

Cordially yours,

Waldo R. Browne [signed]