Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, May 11, 1921


Dear Miss Addams

I am returning Prof. Foerster's appeal and Dr. Adler's very clear report upon it.

I am sure his judgment is correct in the matter. Also sure you should not assume any care about it.

I do not know how the Lieder Kranz matter will turn out. Dr. [Börner] sails on the 28th. It is not [page 2] possible to work up the double meeting for both of you to speak [from] the 16th [illegible] Kirchberger thinks. He can get some other attraction perhaps with you instead of Dr. [Börner] but I [cannot] tell until Monday next when I shall try to see him.

It is hard to get dates adjusted.

If only Dr. B. could stay over until June 1st then [page 3] we could manage it just before you sailed. I shall get a little something for you I am sure but I need to have more time to do what should be done.

Yours Anna Garlin Spencer

Now that I am writing there is another matter: -- I inferred from what Miss Cheever said that possibly Miss Balch might not remain in Geneva after Vienna meeting. [page 4] Also that Wellesley would probably not be open to her again. If so, then we should have her as a salaried President, should we not of U.S. section? Miss [Kittredge] will desire release in the fall, I am sure and should we not if possible have a President who is an instructed internationalist? and if so Miss Balch belongs in that place and should have a salary as Pres, should she not? If W.I.L.P.F. goes on America should have a strong Section. If it [page 5] does not then what for Miss Balch? If she wants to stay in Geneva and is reelected all right. If not she should have the chance, should she not to be our National Leader in some peace organization? I write now because I feel all contingencies should be in your mind before you go as concerns Miss Balch and our Section.

This does not mean I relax about the money for W.I.L.P.F.! I will do my poor best.