Louise de Koven Bowen to Jane Addams, October 6, 1908 (fragment)

Oct. 6th
Hotel Belmont
New York

My dear 

I have found several possibilities for your niece. 1st A Mrs Wickham 338 Lexington Ave -- a lady who takes girls, chaperones them etc, but very expensive.

2nd The three Arts Club 536 West End Ave Board & room about $9 a week, this is full of students, who are studying Art, Music, etc. Some nice girls, some not so nice.

3rd The Martha Washington [page 2] Hotel 29th St near Madison Av. Board--that is room $9- a week. Meals what you choose to order. This is for women only, there are lot of nice ones there. I could give a letter to a nice girl who is  there teaching art classes.

4th My friend Mrs Peck ↑of 75 E 82nd St W↓ could take her to board if she could find a room for her in the same house, which she thinks she might do. Your telegram has just come in so you won't need this information, but I'll let it go. [Miss] Lathrop turned up yesterday morning, she had a little chat, then she dined with us & we went to to see "The Mother" a [possible missing page(s)]

[written on side of page 1] With my love [illegible] LdeKB.