Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 18, 1919

S.S. Noordam
April 18" 1919

Dearest Mary

We have had a perfectly wonderful voyage -- as calm literally as a summer sea. I had never imagined it possible in April.

I have felt rather [mean] of course but not really sea sick and we are all getting off much rested. Alice [looks] lots better in spite of having had a bad head much of the time.

Our delegation is settling down [page 2] in quite satisfactory shape. Miss Rankin is very popular and we all appear very well I think. There is some opposition aboard [doubtless] but on the whole we don't really feel it. The Red Cross people including Mr Eliot Wadsworth and other high & mighty are most friendly and charming.

I hope you have a good visit with Sallie and found ↑a↓ reassuring situation when you got back. Please write me just what the doctors say about Eleanor.

Miss Balch is the only one who is going straight over to [page 3] Berne [although] I suppose Paris will be empty for Easter week and that we may well follow shortly. We have meetings twice a day now and are really learning a good deal about the existing League of Nations. Sister Kelley as usual is very bright & [funny?] but as yet hardly "constructive" as Mrs Post would say. Alice is [of course], admitting it would be sad without her. [page 4]

You were so good to us in New York that I hope you weren't all tired out, every minute I come across a new thing you did for us. Will you telephone Mrs Wilmarth about her hot water bottle & the night socks from [Celia]. I will write later to them. Bless you, dear, I am always & everywhere altogether yours devotedly Jane Addams.