Stockton Axson to Jane Addams, January 4, 1917

Rice Institute
Houston, Texas
Jany 4, 1917

My dear Miss Addams:

I purposely did not thank you for your kindness in sending me "Women at The Hague" until I had had time to read it -- sometimes we do that, but my inclination on this occasion was quite opposite. Busy crowded days delayed the reading, but now that I have snatched time to give myself that pleasure, I want to thank you most heartily for your goodness in giving me the opportunity -- and also I want to thank you and your co-workers, [page 2] if I may, for the spirit of the book. Having read it, I think I can understand the mind of the "high official", who "banged his fist on the table" and said "these are the first sensible words that have been uttered in this room for ten months." The patience and the sanity characterizing the book, and characterizing, I am quite sure, the mission itself and the missioners, remind me of that which I have seen so markedly growing in President Wilson during the past four years, a large and quiet patience, the patience not of weariness, but [page 3] of mellowed experience, <of one> who has encountered so much frantic folly that nothing any longer surprises -- and nothing discourages. So, it seems to me, you women are strong in the position that your cause is so sane and so righteous, as the thing you are combating so wild and preposterous that you are no longer excited about it, just calm and purposeful and perhaps confident.

It was to me a very interesting circumstance that the very day after I had the pleasure of hearing you talk a little (too little) on the [page 4] peace projects, Germany's peace proposal was published. And I also find it interesting that even those who quite angrily assert that this is a "German trick" and insincere, still acclaim the shrewd diplomacy of it -- making it like the universal protestation of the nations that each did not begin the war -- all meaning that everybody sees the wickedness of the war -- though comparatively few have the courage and the faith to propose the immediate remedy -- as you women have the courage and the faith.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be with you at the White House, and learn to know as an individual one whom I have so long known as a potent agent of good. Trusting that your health will continue to improve,

Yours very sincerely

Stockton Axson

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