Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 9, 1904



I sent the books from McClurg's yesterday. "The Adolescence" was too big to go by post and as it had to go by express anyway I sent both volumes. I am sure that you won't want to read every word.

"The Voice of the People" was not nearly so good as "The Deliverance" but has been also duly sent as have the books to our various hostesses.

Your father did not come back from Wheaton yesterday, so I contented myself with a telephone message and will go over today to lunch. Your brother Frank [page 2] sent me the check, for which bless you. I am happy to say that my bills are paid.

I had a very sweet special delivery letter from Mrs Bowen yesterday begging that nothing serious be done to the building plans, that she wanted to send 24,000.00] in any case. I think however that we may be able to cut it as $1000.00. Sunday afternoon Sister Gernon & I went to call on Miss Culver who is looking very well and had brought us a fine present from Algeria. She seemed quite pleased over the new building. [page 3]

I lunched at the stockyards yesterday Ethelbert Stewart was there & Miss Kate Kellogg is spending a few days bless her heart! It is a terrible strain to live in the midst of all of those idle men and Mary McDowell needs her friends. The cocaine affairs goes on right merrily, we have a conference [tonight] as to how to break into the Washingtonian Home. I will write as soon as I see your father. Your letter yesterday was a great comfort to me. Always yours J.A. Aug 9"