Jacob Henry Schiff to Jane Addams, September 5, 1912

"Far View"
Eden Street
Bar Harbor.  Maine


Dear Miss Addams,

Mrs. Schiff and I had [pleasure], I looked forward to congratulate you tomorrow under our own roof upon your birthday anniversary, but since you have decided to remain instead with Mrs. Bowen and Miss Smith, which we can well appreciate, we want at least to express our good wishes and congratulations in this manner.

What a satisfaction it must be to enjoy the good will of a multitude [page 2] of people in so great a degree as you do and to be able to look back with every birthday upon another addition to so many years of a useful life. -- May you enjoy this gratification for many years to come!

Please turn <over> the enclosed check to the Treasurer of Hull-House, as an anonymous gift of an admirer of its of its moving genius and believe me with repeated good wishes.

Yours very sincerely

Jacob H. Schiff [signed]

Sept 5/12

Miss Jane Addams

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